Airport History

History of the LaPorte Municipal Airport, LaPorte, Indiana

1903 The Wright Brothers make their famous flight in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

1910 Local LaPorte resident, Elmer Burlingame, designs monoplane.


A JN-4D Curtis by-plane, owned by Frank Kemp, lands in LaPorte.
Frank Kemp becomes first citizen of LaPorte County to own a plane.





Flying field receives recognition in LaPorte County three miles east of current airport. Owner of the field, C. Nelson, presents flying circus, balloon ascension, military band, military air show, wing-walker handcuffed to the plane and an aviation artist who performed on a rope ladder.

Gerry Demunck becomes manager of the first airfield, located on the Ridgeway Farm just south of LaPorte. The field is home to Gerry's Flight School and charter business